Why do India pumps break down all the time? Back to the list
Posted: 26-9-2015
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Why do India pumps break down so fast ?
Most pumps break down due to relatively "small issues". The main problem is caused by the "simple" rubber seal on the pluger (see picture below). It is very difficult to replace, because it is located deep inside the well. To make matters worse, many of those "simple" part are often not locally available, do not fit right or are put in wrongly, or cost a fortune on the local black market for spares. The result is all the same: in the end people give up and the pumps is abandoned.

Statistics show that handpumps in Africa have an average functional life of maximal 3 to 5 years; This means, that each year about 10.000 handpumps need to be replaced, which is an equivalent loss of funding of about 150.000.000 US$ per year, or nearly 500.000 US$ per day...