Water Pumps
Water well drilling with mobile rigs and water point rehabilitation in the Central African region. Supply and installation of water handpumps BLUEPUMP, casing screening... Back to the list
Posted: 18-12-2010
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Sadeer Africa
UK/DRC/Central African Republi

Water well drilling up to depths of 200 metres, with mobile trailer mounted drilling rigs in the Central African region.

Water point and hand pump maintenance and rehabilitation.

Supply and installation of handpumps including Bluepump, Afripump & Volanta handpumps.

Société d'adduction d'eau et électrification rurale. "SADEER"

A privately owned company, with offices in the UK, Bangui in the Central African Republic and present in the DR Congo with an experienced international team and national teams specialized in the water, sanitation and rural electricity sectors.


To increase access to drinking water and electrical facilities in rural and urban areas in the Central African Republic and in Central Africa.

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 SADEER services:

  • drilling of boreholes and providing turn key equipped water points
  • supply of water handpumps and spares including Bluepump, Volanta Afripump ®, manual pumps, working in depths of 1 - 100 metres
  • building of hydraulic and electrical works 
  • distribution of water and electricity in rural areas
  • providing sanitary facilities
  • water point and hand pump rehabilitation and maintenance
  • water towers and solar pumps

 Trailer mounted drilling rigs:

  • Mobile and light
  • Completely hydraulic
  • DTH and rotary Drilling
  • Water well drilling to depths in excess of 200 meters
  • 4″ - 6 ″ drilling diameter
  • Independent rig engine mounted on board a 4 wheel double axel trailer.

SADEER and E Global Drilling Corp. Mobile Water-Well Rigs are the environmentally and socially sensitive choice for Government, the United Nations, and Non-Governmental (NGO) organizations looking for low cost drilling solutions in rural village communities.