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Posted: 19-4-2009
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FairWater Projects
Keizersgracht 676
1017 ET Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone/SMS: +31 6 236 686 15

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FairWater replaces broken pumps in Africa with the durable FairWater BluePump.

You can support pour work with a banner on our website

For only € 250,- you can have your company logo or banner on our sponsor pages. This donation will be used to contribute to our overhead.

You can also sponsor a BluePump for 2.500,- Euro. 
Our projects are evidence based, each sponosred pump is shown on our website with the name and logo of the sponsor.

Go to www.fairwater.org for more info

If you always wanted to do something usefull for the people in Africa, you can make your dream come true and support a FairWater rehabilitation project with your own BluePump. Later you can visit your own project and speak with the people that are using your pump.

Contact us for details.


Before               After 
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This BluePump was sponsored by the travel agent "Norge Reiser" in The Netherlands.


  Attached documents:  
number-of-broken-down-handpumps-in-Africa.pdf (29,8 Kb)
iied-doc-jamie-skinner-march-2009.pdf (323,9 Kb)
FairWater-BluePump-technology-matters.pdf (108,3 Kb)